Hi everyone,

You may have been experiencing problems recently with booking via the calendar system. This was because of the volume of data created by dividing each hour into four slots of 15 minutes.

As the vast majority of bookings are on the hour or half-hour we are moving over to half-hour time slots, which will make the calendar system usable, rather than taking forever to load, or not loading at all. The changes have been implemented on the Longcroft House calendar, and the other calendars will be updated shortly.

All existing bookings will be carried over to the new calendars, generating new booking confirmation emails. please double check that your bookings coincide with what you have in your diary!

There has also been an issue with the system not picking up all of the booked slots when linking with PayPal. i am in contact with the calendar software provider regarding this issue. Until this is resolved can I ask you to please check that the payment total is correct, and if there is a discrepancy please click on the “return to successfulbusiness.co.uk” link, and make your payment directly via PayPal, or via bank transfer if you have Sue’s bank details.

Bast regards,

Peter Phelps

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